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AscendEX Announces the Listing of Three Different Protocols



May 17, 2021

According to the latest reports, one of the top trading platforms for digital assets, AscendEX has announced the enlistment of three digital asset protocols. AscendEX exists as one of the top digital asset platforms and is highly regarded among investors whether private or mainstream.

The reason behind the success and demand for the AscendEX platform is the team working for the platform. The teams behind the development and launch of the AscendEX platform are veteran traders from Wall Street.

These veterans have an enormous amount of experience in the trading markets and are now demonstrating their skills and expertise in the cryptocurrency/digital asset industry.

AscendEX is known for providing a huge list of trading options to the users in the form of digital assets. The platform tends to do it on a regular basis and so far, has amassed an enormous number of digital assets.

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Some of the latest digital assets it has enlisted in the month of May include NIOX Token (NIOX), CasperLabs Token (CSPR), and PolkaLokr Token (LOKR).

Among the three tokens, the oldest enlisting was for the NIOX Token (NIOX) that AscendEX carried out on May 5, 2021. The AscendEX platform reportedly did it at 1:00 pm UTC.

The second token enlisted by AscendEX was the CasperLabs Token (CSPR). According to the reports, AscendEX enlisted the CSPR token a day after the enlistment of the NIOX Token, on May 6, 2021. The platform had gone ahead and launched the CSPR token through its platform at 3:00 pm UTC.

The third and the latest enlisting of the token was carried out by AscendEX for the PolkaLokr Token (LOKR). The AscendEX platform had reportedly listed the LOKR token on May 10 at 1:00 pm UTC.

For now, the AscendEX platform has only enlisted single pair for all three tokens are USDT/NIOX, USDT/CSPR, and USDT/LOKR.

AscendEX was founded back in 2018 and at that time, it was called BitMax.io. It is one of the most prominent and leading digital asset, and cryptocurrency trading platforms. The platform has been providing digital asset and cryptocurrency trading services to retail as well as professional traders alike.

Some of the major products offered by AscendEX include staking products, margin trading, and spot offers. The platform has been adding new digital assets on a regular basis in order to expand its services. The platform has been doing this so the users continue gaining access to more and more products.

This is to ensure that the users have access to more products in order to increase their profits and gains from investments. The platform has announced that its aim is to provide a huge catalog of trading assets to the users so they never run out of trading options.


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