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Amazon May Integrate Bitcoin as One of Their Payment Methods

Christian Klausen

ByChristian Klausen

Jul 28, 2021
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Amazon, the multibillion-dollar e-commerce site, is finally aware of the crypto space and is willing to integrate Bitcoin as one of the payment methods on its site. Amazon has an incredible reputation and clientele in almost all main regions of the world, so you can understand the pressure the e-commerce giant might have been facing from the consumers to integrate Bitcoin into its payment system. The very confirmation of the fact that Amazon is looking to include Bitcoin as one of the payment methods is evident from the fact that there was a job posting on their main website about it.

It was also confirmed that it would be a permanent job as Amazon would be welcoming whoever would join them for their payment acceptance and experience team regarding crypto payments. The same trend was evident in the case of eBay and other such e-commerce businesses that have shown some interest in incorporating cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods for their users.

Amazon is Hiring Blockchain Expert

On the other hand, Amazon is more tenacious than other e-commerce sites out there as the job listing read that the individual must have experience with blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology, and careful strategy for implementing Bitcoin as one of the payment methods for Amazon. As for the timestamp of the project, an insider from Amazon has already confirmed that the e-commerce giant is looking forward to launching cryptocurrency implementation in terms of Bitcoin and other such cryptocurrencies at the very end of this year.

Not only this, but if the project works and there is an overall positive response from the users about crypto integration from Amazon, then Amazon would think about launching their own crypto token soon enough. And this project would have an expected completion date of 2022. Amazon has definitely given the idea of decentralization and crypto implementation some thought as the e-commerce giant will be implementing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and developing and maintaining its own token; this provides a hint at how things would work at Amazon in the future payment wise.

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Christian Klausen

Christian Klausen

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