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ActiveBrokerz.com Review – Is Active Brokerz Scam or Legit?



May 31, 2020
ActiveBrokerz Summary
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ActiveBrokerz.com allows traders to carry out trading through three different platforms, which include Web Trader, Mobile Trader, and MetaTrader 4. The exchange company has assured users of the safety of their investments by implementing several security features.

ActiveBrokerz Review

Many people invest their time in their jobs or other businesses, yet they get little or nothing to show for all their hard work. Despite this, most of these people continue struggling day and night while doing the same thing again while hoping that things will one day get better. Have you ever considered a different approach to making money? How about considering a part-time or full-time hustle in digital assets trading. The blockchain industry has provided an avenue for most people to make money by trading in different financial market assets. You, too, can consider joining the train to generate income while trading digital assets.

Before you can begin your trade, you must, first of all, find a trusted broker that can aid in your trading journey. It may be difficult for you to go into trading without the guidance of a trusted and reliable broker. Many brokers in the financial market claim to offer impeccable services to their customers. But how can you tell if such brokers are legit? If you are an experienced broker, you may have tried several brokers before agreeing to settle for one.

But you may have experienced several setbacks and disappointment during your search. The ActiverBrokerz trading platform is one exchange company that claims to offer traders outstanding services that can help them generate income while trading on the platform. We shall be reviewing ActiveBrokerz.com to find out if this broker is legit or a scam. We shall also highlight some of the features that you may find when using the ActiveBrokerz trading platform as your trading channel to invest in the financial market.

An overview of the ActiveBrokerz trading platform

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ActiveBrokerz.com is not a pushover when it comes to finding a reliable trading platform. They are well-known in the blockchain industry for providing CFD and forex trading services to their clients. The broker claims to offer a wide range of trading products and financial instruments that you can trade on the platform. The broker provides traders an opportunity to diversify their investment to give them a better chance of making money. You may be able to trade on different assets such as CFDs, commodities, forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

The exchange company was founded by highly experienced financial professionals with expert knowledge of the financial market. The broker was created to provide traders with a chance to enhance their trading activities through the use of a highly efficient and easy-to-use trading platform. The exchange company is said to be client-based. It stated in its website that they are dedicated and focused on offering value to their clients through the provision of impeccable and unique services. The company also claims that its services are tailored to accommodate traders with different levels of experience.

The broker’s primary priority, as stated by the company, is to assist its traders in maximizing returns by providing unparalleled access to the financial market. The ActiveBrokerz trading platform is designed with several outstanding features and tools that may help you achieve your trading purpose.

With this broker, you may be able to boost your profits and trading returns. They also offer advanced trading tools, which may be both valuable and useful. ActiveBrokerz boasts of having some of the best market experts who can help you with several trading strategies that you may employ to churn out positive trading outcomes.


Is the ActiveBrokerz trading platform legit?

The issue of whether the trading platform is legitimate or a scam should not be treated with levity. Many people have been victims of scammers posing as brokers to exploit unsuspecting traders of their investments. Can you trust ActiveBrokerz to provide you with the services they claim to offer? Going by the positive reviews of traders who have used the platform for trade, and the numerous unique features that you can find on the platform, we may conclude that ActiveBrokerz.com is a trusted brand.

The broker has been in the business of providing traders with a trading platform that allows you to trade on several financial instruments. We, however, advise that you invest wisely when dealing with any broker in the financial market.

A variety of highly-rated platforms for trading

When trading CFDs, there is a need to have a trading platform that is convenient, accessible, and capable of effectively executing trades. The ActiveBrokerz trading platform offers traders outstanding features that they can use to make money while trading different assets. You may not encounter any form of complexities because the tools present on the platform are simple enough for new users to utilize.

You may find three highly-rated trading platforms: Mobile Trader, Web Trader, and MetaTrader 4. It may offer you an edge in your trade and allows traders to trade multiple assets in a convenient, secure, and easy to use platform. Meta Trader 4 also offers traders the choice to trade on cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, CFDs, and indices.

Web Trader provides an accessibility to both professional and new traders. It Has several qualities, such as Robustness, accessibility, and adaptability for users. The Web Trader trading platform available on ActiveBrokerzoffers you insights into the financial market. These trading platforms are flexible, intuitive, and top-flight. It also supports multiple languages, making it possible for people from different races to carry out trading on the platform with ease. Other benefits of using these platforms include news feeds, advanced charts, and account summary.

The mobile trader platform is an advanced trading platform that is designed to cater for mobile phone users. People are always mobile and they would want to be able to access their trading accounts even when in transit. ActiveBrokerz.com has created a cutting-edge technology that allows different smartphone users to be able to carry out trading activities directly from their phones. At present, the Mobile Trader application used by ActiveBrokerz is supported by both iOS and Android phone users. Traders may download the Mobile Trader application from their respective app stores.

A variety of payment options to make deposits

The broker understands the technical issues faced by traders when it comes to making deposits into their accounts. Some trading platforms have limited payment options which may not be suitable for some particular traders. ActiveBrokerz has provided traders with a trading platform that allows you to deposit into the broker’s account using different payment options. You may be able to select your preferred payment option so that you can make payments with ease. Having the freedom to choose a preferred payment option may not bound you to a specific payment option that may hinder your trade.

Debits and Credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa are fast means you can use to deposit your funds into your ActiveBrokerz account. You may choose the bank wire transfer option if using the debit or credit card option is not convenient for you, especially if you are depositing a considerable amount of money. You can carry out your transfer using currencies such as GBP, USD, or EUR. Other alternative payment options support payments from different parts of the world, and these payment methods include Moneynet and UpayCard.

It may take between two to seven business days for your deposit to be reflected in your ActiveBrokerz account. ActivdBrokerz strives to ensure that your payment details are kept safe. The broker does not support third-party payment so that they can monitor transactions made by their clients and guarantee a secure trading platform.

A secure trading platform

ActiveBrokerz offers a secure trading platform for traders to trade. Many traders have expressed reservations and skepticism to trade on several platforms because of the security challenges that are prevalent in the online marketplace, especially when it has to do with trading in the financial market. There have been reported cases of identity theft or issues regarding cyber-attacks on wallets or other forms of insecurity in cyberspace.

To curb these security challenges, ActiveBrokerz claims to make use of advanced security features and encryption technology to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the platform. The exchange company also verifies documents of traders before their accounts are approved. The “know your customer” initiative ensures that individuals with fake accounts are identified.

The Smart Contract feature available on the platform helps to prevent the broker from using funds for other personal purposes. Other security features help to safeguard your ActiveBrokerz account and provide a seamless trading session. These additional security features include stop loss, SSL feature, data encryption, etc.

Simple and Easy withdrawal process

The process of withdrawing your funds from the trading platform is easy. A complicated fund withdrawal process may discourage traders from using such a broker. The ActiveBrokerz trading platform allows you to withdraw your funds directly into your bank account through the creation of an intuitive client portal that is designed to make it straightforward and less complicated for you to withdraw your funds as fast as possible.

You may be able to make use of several payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, or bank wire transfer to make your withdrawals. The time it takes to process your withdrawal depends on the payment option that you select. The bank wire may take between five to ten days for your withdrawals to be processed. The withdrawal charges are dependent on the method of payment you are using.

Several Account Options

The ActiveBrokerz trading platform offers traders different account options to choose the one that is suitable for them. Not all traders have the same capability in terms of finance and level of experience; hence you are provided with three different account types to make your choice. The basic account type is designed for new entrants into the world of digital assets trading. These sets of traders may begin their trade by depositing €250 into their ActiveBrokerz account. The advanced type of account offers an option for traders to deposit a minimum of €5000 into their accounts.

This account type is suitable for traders with advanced knowledge of trading in the financial market. The advanced account may give you access to several unique tools available on the ActiveBrokerz trading platform. You may be able to get access to the tools available to basic account holders and much more. You can access market charts, educational materials, live webinars, research reports, three sessions with industry experts, etc. The last account type that you may choose to open us the expert account.

As the name implies, the expert account is suitable for traders with expert knowledge of activities in the financial market. Expert account holders may be well vast in using different trading strategies for maximum output, hence the reason why they may be able to take the risk of paying €20,000 into their ActiveBrokerz account. The expert account opens traders to a plethora of tools available on the platform.

You can access all tools and features that come with opening an advanced account and more. Other additional tools include live sessions with industry experts, more live webinars, a higher number of online courses, daily market reports, charts, and research reports.

It is up to you to make your choice as a trader and select which account type fits your trading preference. Ensure that you are financially capable of bearing the risk that may be associated with investing in the platform, as this may inform your choice of account.

The ActiveBrokerz.com online Academy

The primary aim of every trader is to maximize profits and generate income. ActiveBrokerz helps traders to develop the necessary skills needed to make informed trading decisions. The broker also offers you expert advice on how you can begin your trading process for maximum returns.

To achieve this, ActiveBrokerz has developed a productive online academy geared towards educating traders on the latest trends in the financial market and how to minimize the risk of trading. The ActiveBrokerz online academy offers video tutorials on other resource guides that serve as an avenue to learn more about happenings in the industry. The ActiveBrokerz online academy also provides online webinars and live sessions with professionals in the industry. With this approach, ActiveBrokerz ensures that new traders are carried along in the learning process. However, the broker focuses more on traders with advanced and expert account holders who take more risk by investing a more considerable amount of money on the platform. The broker assists these sets of traders to make the right trading decisions so that their investment may be protected. You may be able to analyze market movements and conditions by using technical indicators to develop the right trading strategies for maximum income generation.

Exceptional Customer Service

The broker has shown commitment in the provision of exceptional and sophisticated customer care service for traders. ActiveBrokerz is also known to provide individual attention to every client to meet their trading needs. The ActiveBrokerz customer service is user-friendly and is made up of an experienced team of industry professionals who are knowledgeable about handling technical issues relating to customers’ accounts or trading activities.

According to reviews from traders who have used the ActiveBrokerz customer care service, the outcome has been encouraging as there are more positive reviews about their services. The customer care service is open to customers for 24 hours every day of the week.

Demo Account

ActiveBrokerz trading platform has a demo account feature that is very effective for beginners. Inexperienced traders may use the demo account feature to explore the trading platform and understand how trading is carried out in real-life. Although the demo account does not allow you to trade with actual funds, you can make use of virtual currencies to place your trade.

You must understand how the broker works before you go ahead to trade, and that is what the demo account provides. When you are satisfied with your level of experience, you may go-ahead to the live trading section, where you may be able to test your trading skills using your actual deposits. The transition from demo trading to live trading is straightforward and may be done with just a click.

Final thoughts

After a review on the ActiveBrokerz trading platform, we may conclude that the broker may be reliable and trusted to help you generate income while trading on several financial instruments such as cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Forex, Stocks, and commodities. The trading platform has an intuitive user-interface that is easy for beginners and experienced traders to navigate and get the desired trading output. ActiveBrokerz offers three different types of accounts to allow traders to choose based on their investment capital and experience level.

ActiveBrokerz.com allows traders to carry out trading through three different platforms, which include Web Trader, Mobile Trader, and MetaTrader 4. The exchange company has assured users of the safety of their investments by implementing several security features. We advise that you trade with the minimum investment amount as a beginner and do well to understand how the broker works before starting your trade.


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