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A Small Guide for New Investors With Respect to Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Wallets, and Cryptocurrencies



May 29, 2022

With the ever-growing cryptocurrency industry, it has become quite difficult for new investors to get acquainted with cryptocurrencies that easily. Initially, the cryptocurrency industry was normal and easy to grasp.

Over time, the cryptocurrency has continued expanding and has grown into an entire universe. The industry now has more than 19,000 digital assets, hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges, and cryptocurrency wallets.

Now, it has become quite difficult to get used to cryptocurrency without any help or guidance. If you are also feeling confused about the might of cryptocurrency, then I can offer you my support and knowledge.

Let me layout some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and cryptocurrencies that you can adopt and benefit from.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

In today’s time, the three major cryptocurrencies within the crypto-verse I would strongly recommend are:


It is the largest exchange by valuation, observing an average 24-hour trading volume of $17,770,172,087. It has grown up by 30.77% in the past 24-hours and the exchange offers you trading opportunities with over 390 cryptocurrencies in over 1650 markets.

Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase is the second-largest exchange offering more than 170 cryptocurrencies in over 500 cryptocurrency markets. It observes an average trading volume worth $2,699,249,730 on a daily basis.


FTX is the third-largest cryptocurrency with a 24-hour trading volume worth $2,388,951,306, which has surged by 24.92%. FTX currently offers more than 300 cryptocurrencies in more than 460 markets.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

The three major cryptocurrencies you can currently adopt and count on include:


It is one of the best options for cryptocurrency users who are beginners in the industry. Exodus can be acquired for free and offers one of the best customer support team to assist you. It is one of the largest wallets known for offering a cold storage.

The wallet can support a variety of cryptocurrencies and has its own cryptocurrency exchange for trading services.


Electrum is another most reliable cryptocurrency wallet for newcomers. You can use and access the wallet for free and it is known for offering a cold storage. The wallet offers variety of transaction speeds depending on the transition fees.

It is known for offering one of the strongest and most highly protected security systems for the protection of your assets.


Mycelium is also one of the most demanded and free-to-use cryptocurrency wallets. It also comes for free and has cold storage capability. It also offers transaction fees that can be customized, offers a hard wallet, and is an open-source wallet.

Major Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

If you wish to be a long term investor in cryptocurrencies, then you can choose to invest in:


The lowest price recorded for Bitcoin was $65.53 and its peak price so far was $68,789.63. This means that BTC’s price has managed to grow up by 104974% since its launch.


ETH’s lowest price was worth $0.4209 and the all-time high it observed was worth $4,891.70. From the time of launch until hitting the peak price, ETH’s price gained by 1162200%.


From the lowest trading price of $0.002802 to a high of $3.84, XRP experienced a 137044% surge.

If you invest in these cryptocurrencies, you are expecting tremendous surges in their prices in the long term.


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