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A Crypto-Powered E-Commerce Marketplace Platform Debuts on the Internet



Feb 15, 2021

According to the latest reports, CashPay has made an announcement that is promising for the cryptocurrency community. The platform has revealed that it has achieved a new milestone in the blockchain technology sector.

The firm has revealed that it has launched an e-commerce marketplace that uses an open distributed ledger on blockchain technology. The open distributed ledger enables the platform to record and store transactions between two entities.

The transactions being processed between the two entities are channeled through a decentralized platform. This platform allows users to perform faster transactions, builds trust among the parties, and involves no hidden costs or charges for the service.

The platform has just been launched in February of 2021 and in the initial phase, it will be offering access to just one type of token. The firm has revealed that in the initial phase, it will be a $CPZ token that will be implemented on the platform.

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Furthermore, the platform will also be launching more e-commerce websites that will be launched for different countries. Not just the country-based websites, but CashPay would also be launching the mobile application for smartphone users.

CashPay is considered to be the king of payment gateway solutions that runs a marketplace for direct customers. The platform is known for allowing users to pay for the products and services through cryptocurrencies or $CPZ tokens.

Although the company has just been established, yet the products and features it offers are unique and futuristic. Some of the major products that the company is currently offering include CashPay Passport (Merchant Wallet), CashPay EZ (Payment Gateway), and CashPay Shop.

The company has been in the e-commerce marketplace industry for decades and has been observing the trends of the market. It has revealed that with time, the users on the e-commerce marketplaces have started demanding more payment solutions.

People have now started shifting from the traditional payment methods to the new and futurist payment methods. This is where cryptocurrencies come in as being the most demanded payment method on the e-commerce marketplaces.

However, the e-commerce marketplaces are yet to fully understand the potential of cryptocurrencies and bring them onboard. Until then, the blockchain-based e-commerce marketplace offered by CashPay would do the trick.

By developing and introducing a blockchain-based e-commerce marketplace, CashPay has marked its name among some of the most innovative and far-sighted companies in the world.

With the launch of the e-commerce marketplace based on a blockchain platform, CashPay has finally built a bridge between the customers and merchants.

This platform would allow the cryptocurrencies to gain more exposure in the retail sector. While on the other hand, the retailers and merchants would be able to increase their selling opportunities to an entirely new and promising market.


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