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300 GPUs Used for Mining Seized by Hong Kong Customs



Apr 7, 2021

According to the latest reports, the Hong Kong Customs have managed to put a stop on a smuggling attempt. As per the reports, the operation as executed by the Hong Kong Customs on Friday, April 2, 2021. The announcement on the execution of the successful operation was made by the Hong Kong International Authorities.

The announcement suggested that the Hong Kong Customs witnessed the smuggling taking place live and managed to catch the smugglers red handed. According to the customs authority, they saw that there were some unusual number of cartons being shifted from a fishing boat to a speedboat.

The authorities confirmed that as they went in for the catch, the smugglers on the speedboat made a run for it and got away. However, the custom authorities were able to get their hands on the fishing boat, which seemed to be the jackpot.

Upon taking the boat into custody and going through the goods, they established that the fishing boat had all the goods that would be pronounced as smuggled.

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The Hong Kong Customs revealed that in the boat, they were able to find cosmetics equipment, dried shark fins, and many more electronics.

The Hong Kong Customs team confirmed that in numbers, the goods they managed to confiscate were worth around $31 million. One of the most surprising and shocking finds they made in the fishing boat was the computing hardware accessories.

According to the Hong Kong Customs team, they discovered more than 300 GPUs that were stocked the boat. It has been revealed that the GPUs that were being delivered were the latest line of high-end graphics cards launched by Nvidia. The GPUs that were confiscated were reportedly the CMP 30X graphics cards from Nvidia.

The unique feature about these particular graphics cards is that they are used only for cryptocurrency mining and were released by Nvidia for this particular purpose in the beginning of 2021.

Nvidia had reportedly launched the particular graphics cards for the sole purpose of Ethereum mining. Ethereum (ETH) exists as the second-largest cryptocurrency in the entire crypto-verse. At the time of writing, the price of ETH compared to USD is $1,985 per ETH.

Nvidia had confirmed that the chips they had installed in the CMP 30X graphics cards were perfect for professional mining. The announcement by Nvidia around the launch of the CMP 30X graphics cards was made in the middle of February.

It has been revealed that the market retail price of the particular CMP 30X graphics cards by Nvidia is around $700. It is currently one of the most expensive graphics cards that have been launched by any GPU manufacturing company. It is able to produce a hash rate for Ether as much as 26 megahashes per second.


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