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GB Trade FX Review: The World-class Trading Platform for Newbies and Experts



Mar 1, 2020
GB Trade FX Broker Summary
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Broker Summary

GB Trade FX can be a great partner to work with and help you in your trading activities. The broker has simplified the process for clients and is open to assisting its global customers in achieving their investment goals.

GB Trade FX Review

Anyone involved in trading in the financial market will agree that the financial market is highly competitive and can be extremely volatile under certain circumstances. That is why you need a reliable broker to leverage on its services. Having a broker is not enough; you have to consider the technicality of the market trends, the experience and reputation of the trading company and what they can bring to the table.

For any broker to achieve significant recognition in stock trading, such a brokerage firm must center its services around the needs of its customers. This idea is the strategy adopted by GB Trade FX to achieve its outstanding success among other world-class digital trading platforms. The customer-oriented services have been one of the primary reasons why its numerous clients stick around to continue doing business with them. GB Trade FX is a household name among leading brokers and investors, and thus, the company is promoting its services to lesser-known markets, and newbies in the stock and crypto markets.

The lucrative nature of the financial market has attracted more investors and traders to engage in the financial market. In addition to this, the rapid growth that cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology are experiencing at the moment has attracted the interest of a vast number of investors. Many of these investors were skeptical of its longevity and acceptance in the financial market. Initially, the introduction of cryptocurrencies was seen as a threat to the fiat-driven economy of the financial world, but now, the world is going towards the direction of the digital age, and these virtual currencies are fast becoming the currency of the future.

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Therefore, for anyone who wants to break from the norm of default market trading and embrace technological advancement of the financial system, such an individual or investor must take cognizance in the fact that the volatility of the market is unpredictable, hence, the need to have a backup plan and a reliable support system to leverage upon when the need arises. Such a trader will also need an experienced, tested and trusted broker that will help in ensuring that his or her investments and assets are secured while striving to make a profit in the market. 

The financial market is full of several brokers, some of which are scams and some of which are inexperienced. The issue, therefore, is that market investors and traders need a broker with vast experience of the upward and downward trend in the market, a good spread and unbeatable trading tools. GB Trade FX offers access to more than 2500 trading instruments across a wide range of markets, including the CFD.

A contract for difference, known as CFD, is a contract between the buyer and seller, stating that the buyer will pay the seller the differences in the value of an asset and the value at the time of the contract. In relation to market trading, CFD trading is risky but profitable trading that allows the traders to speculate on the rising and falling prices of global financial instruments like shares, indices, commodities, treasuries, and currencies, without having to take ownership of the underlying assets.

In this review, we will like to talk about some of the essential features of GB Trade FX and what they offer so that newbies and experienced traders looking for a new broker can access their services to determine if it is worth signing into the firm.

GB Trade FX at a glance 

Broker GB Trade FX
Demo account Yes
Leverage 1:100
Asset coverage Major pairs, cross pairs, exotic pairs, indices, metals, energies, futures, shares, etc.
Trading platform Meta trader 4 ( terminal, mobile, web)
Account types Basic account, gold account, platinum account, Islamic account.
Support and customer service Twenty-four hours, five days a week.
Deposit and withdrawal Bank transfer, credit card, wire transfer, etc.


Mobile trading Yes

Why was GB Trade FX launched?

With the need to provide excellent service delivery in the financial market, the GB Trade FX was established to achieve Just that . GB Trade FX is owned and managed by V. S. Market Ltd. This global brokerage firm is based in London, United Kingdom. The trading company provides brokerage services to both novice and experienced traders. 

Therefore, no matter your level of expertise in the financial market, there is a provision from the company to cater to your needs and requirements. The company also provides an opportunity for its numerous clients to make money from engaging in trading activities. GB Trade FX understands that the financial market can be volatile from time to time and therefore, provides technical and analytical support for its customers. They provide all the necessary conditions for the clients to enjoy comfortable and successful trading, which include but not limited to 

  • A convenient trading terminal called the Meta Trader 4.
  • Low market spreads.
  • The absence of re-quotes.
  • One-click trading options.
  • Possibility to hedge positions.
  • Full marketing support.

With its full understanding of the competitive nature of the financial market environment, GB Trade FX boasts of its preparedness to assist its clients in the mastering trading skills, especially for the novice traders. Besides, it believes that the experienced investors need a reliable, professional broker, and for the broker to have been an experienced international brokerage firm, with a flawless reputation built over the years, the company is poised and positioned to offer the best services to market investors. There is a provision of a wide range of services, technical and expert support, analytical support, and diverse financial instruments.

One unique feature of GB Trade FX is the trading opportunity provided with its demo account. The demo account mirrors the real trading accounts where you can learn to test several trading strategies before committing your real assets to trade. There is no limitation to the number of trading accounts that you can open. The brokerage firm offers quick withdrawal of profits and funds earned in the market, as well instant credit of trading account to ensure that customers do not miss out on any opportunity the market presents at any time.

GB Trade FX has multiple options trading platforms

GB Trade FX provides a well-known trading platform in the financial market called the Meta Trader 4 with several trading options for its numerous customers across the globe. This trading platform can be accessed from any location. The MT4 is a user-friendly easy-to-use reliable tool which can come in handy in analyzing market trends and making deals in the market. GB Trade FX provides a different version of the MT4 for its clients.

MT4 Desktop Version: The MT4 version for desktop computer includes a built-in market section embedded with trading tools. This downloadable version allows customers to install additional plugins and programs known as trading bots and equally provides limitless analysis. The in-depth functionality of the MT4 has positioned it as one of the most popular and latest tools for professional traders. The MT4 enable market traders to have a detailed analysis of the financial market, run various trading bots, perform advanced trading operations, copy the deals of other traders, and access to multiple trading charts.

With the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, users of the terminal are provided with over 250 trading instruments including currencies, commodities, indices, stock, metals, etc. Also, the MT4 has about 1700 trading robots and over 2100 technical indicators. There is equally and end-to-end data encryption between the server and the trader. The MT4 trading terminal also has a user-friendly trading interface.

MT4 Mobile Version: A unique service provided by GB Trade FX is that the broker does not limit you to the desktop version of the MT4. The broker offers the trader, the opportunity to trade from anywhere, and at any time with the mobile MT4. With just one click on your mobile device, you can monitor and analyze market trends, track your deals, buy and sell any financial instrument. With the MT4 mobile, you have complete control of your trading accounts which you can access from anywhere even while on vacation. Also, you are presented with different time frames and three different charts and about 30 technical indicators. The mobile version also comes with a free chat platform to communicate with other traders.

GB Trade FX provides the MT4 mobile for its clients on iOS and android mobile devices. This version can equally be downloaded on your smartphone or tablets, installed and used from any remote location. Interestingly, all your deals on the GB Trade FX platform are synchronized with the MT4 account, which invariably implies that you can switch between your gadgets and MT4 versions, and trade on the go.

MT4 Web Version: This version of the MetaTrader 4 can be accessed online with a couple of clicks on any internet-enabled gadget or computer. There is no need for any download or installation of additional programs. You can access this web version with any internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera, internet explorer, etc. GB Trade FX made sure that the MT4 web version works on any operating system including Windows, MacOS or Linux. With just one click, you can set your trading orders and apply over 30 market indicators. You are also presented about nine timeframes ranging from one minute to one month, for your technical analysis. Besides, your transactions are synchronized in MT4; hence, you can conveniently switch between this version to other available MT4 versions.

What unique features do GB Trade FX offers?

Outstanding customer support

GB Trade FX has an exceptional customer support system for clients. The company provides an avenue for its customers to contact them via telephone or email for any query the clients might have. On its website, the broker has also provided an easy to use FAQ section and a forex glossary for clients to familiarize themselves with trading and market terms. GB Trade FX has a 24/5 responsive customer service team.

Market diversities

Trading and deals are recurring events in the financial market. GB Trade FX understands the importance of having diverse resources to trade. The company offers its clients access to more than 50 types of currency pairs for trading. These pairs are divided into three groups on the platform:

  • Major pairs which include the US dollar and one of the seven most popular currencies, making up about 80% of trading volumes daily. These currencies are the Canadian dollar (CAD), the Euro (EUR), the British Pound (GBP), the Swiss Franc (CHF), the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), the Australian Dollar (AUD), and the Japanese Yen (JPY).
  • Cross pair which is a combination of two major currencies against each other, excluding the US dollar.
  • Exotic currency pair which is a combination of a major currency against a less popular one with low trading volume.

GB Trade FX also provides access to the most popular indices, metal, energy, and futures. GB Trade FX equally provides favourably trading conditions for those who want to trade in shares of large corporations like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, etc.

Secure and reliable deposit and withdrawal of funds

GB Trade FX offers a safe method of replenishing your trading accounts. Clients can choose from the option of a wire transfer or any payment system of their choice. The broker provides a charge-less deposit system, but banks or online payment institutions may charge some fees for the deposit, which can be between 2.5% to 3% of the total sum. Moreover, the broker has set up a reliable and straightforward funds withdrawal mechanism. The funds can be withdrawn via your credit cards which may take between 5 to 8 days or bank transfer of about three days. To avoid the activities of hackers, all withdrawals are honored by the broker after the client has provided all necessary documents and identification proofs.

GB Trade FX accounts and a wide range of account types

To trade on the financial market, GB Trade FX has provided different options f trading accounts to choose. There are three major ‘real accounts’ which are similar to having a bank account. GB Trade FX clients can choose among the Basic real account, Gold real account, and the Platinum real account

  • Basic Account: The primary account is tailored to suit beginner traders who cannot afford to take high risks in the market. The Basic account has limited features but is a good starting point for anyone who wants to trade with less risky features or newbies. 
  • The Gold Account: The gold account has a broader option for more experienced traders and those who can take minimal risks on their investments. It is an upgrade of the basic account.
  • The Platinum Account: The apex option is the Platinum account which is designed to meet the needs of professional traders, and those who are high-risk takers.

GB Trade FX clients can open several accounts to separate their financial tools and operate different trading strategies. Each trading account comes with a personal manager to assist in the trading processes and for support to the clients.

Interestingly, GB Trade FX has provided the opportunity of opening an Islamic Account for Muslims. The Muslim law prohibits paying or receding capital interests; thus, GB Trade FX offers a swap-free account for its Muslim clients to trade in the financial market. The Islamic account owner does not pay or receive any capital interest. 

In addition to this, GB Trade FX offers another profitable opportunity for its clients to learn the basic trading strategies and trading conditions of the market. With the Demo Account, which is similar to the real account, you can start trading the market without risking your assets. The demo account enables you to fine-tune your trading skills and try new ones without losing your real money. The broker allows you to open several demo accounts to practice various trading techniques.


GB Trade FX can be a great partner to work with and help you in your trading activities. The broker has simplified the process for clients and is open to assisting its global customers in achieving their investment goals.

As a foreign exchange broker, GB Trade FX is geared towards contributing to the growth of the financial market with its wide range of innovative and unique services, and a customer-inclusive program. GB Trade FX is a MetaTrader broker that provides the full MetaTrader suites of trader tools to enhance the trading experience of its clients. With the different real account types and the optional Islamic trading account, this broker has taken into consideration, the diverse need of a different set of market traders and investors.

The pricing of GB Trade FX vary greatly by account types and is one of the best standards you can find in the industry. Therefore, GB Trade FX is a suitable broker for traders looking for an additional upgrade from the standard default capital market system. GB Trade FX is one of the largest online global forex and CFD brokers, serving numerous clients across the globe. The services of the broker are not limited to any continent or country as it has a border-less network of reaching the customers from anywhere in the world.


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