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Global Markets Association Review – gm-associations.com Is a Recommended Broker



Nov 28, 2020
Global Markets Association Broker Summary
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All-around Global Markets Association is an outstanding broker in the financial market. The broker has an unparalleled track record of delivering a high-quality trading experience for its clients. The features on its platform are by far the minimum standard in the industry. If you are a trader or seek to start trading, then Global Markets Association should be the first broker to consider. Don’t just take my words; give it a try.

Global Markets Association Review

Trading is quite a worthwhile venture. The Internet has abundant information on how to trade in the financial market. Sometime time ago, it was very difficult to get relevant data to help traders form their opinion on the best broker to engage in realizing their trading aspirations.

Today it is now very explicit and straightforward due to vital information out there on the digital space. The challenge is having to select a credible broker amid numerous brokerage firms in the industry.

As stated earlier, trading can be an exciting endeavor if you discover a reliable broker. On the other hand, it can also be regrettable and frustrating if you are engaged with the wrong broker. The financial market is littered with countless brokers promising extraordinary bargains for their clients.

While some may be genuine, others are not. So, relying only on brokers’ ads to select a broker is an entirely wrong idea. Mainly to the fact that claims made by brokers on their website may not be completely true.

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Hence to determine an honest broker, you would need independent reviews that offer a detailed, candid, and insightful assessment of the broker to help you make up your mind regarding the broker to follow.

This article aims to help you discover a genuine and legitimate broker that can meet your needs as a trader. So, to achieve this, we would be having a deeply researched and objective review of Global Markets Association.

What does Global Markets Association represent?

Amid several brokers in the trading business, one broker that has been able to distinguish itself from the pack is Global Markets Association.

The broker has been able to accomplish some great feats in the relatively short time it joined the brokers’ league. In an industry where new brokers are still to find their feet, Global Markets Association has positioned itself as a serious competitor in the market.

Our in-depth research of the broker reveals that they strive to achieve excellence and maintain it. The broker is focused on rendering top-notch trading services designed to enhance satisfaction and profitability in trading.

They have done enough to ensure that they remain transparent and open in their dealings with their clients. Taking scrutiny on the broker’s operations reveals that they have placed a huge premium on integrity.

Global Markets Association offers top-class market-leading benefits such as smart trading tools, responsive customer support, and competitive and decent fees. Generally, the broker is devoted to delivering quality services to its clients regardless of their proficiency.

How secured is Global Markets Association?

The security of funds is a key concern for a lot of trading enthusiasts. The safety of funds is crucial for trading. Trading with an unsecured broker is a huge risk, traders must ensure that they trust their funds with a secured broker.

Global Markets Association has taken stringent steps to make sure that traders’ funds are protected. To enhance the security of funds, the broker requires clients to provide relevant details of their personal information.

The broker protects the information of the trader using encryption technology. It means that the client’s persona information is safe and cannot be vulnerable to theft. Unlike some brokers that do not have separate accounts for their clients,

Global Markets Association creates a special account for traders’ funds. It is to prevent a situation where traders’ funds are not mixed up with brokers’ funds.

An accountable broker creates a segregated account to ensure that clients rest assured of the safety of their funds. So, in a situation where a broker goes bankrupt, the funds of traders are protected.

Tremendous features of Global Markets Association every trader desire

Multiple account types suitable for any Trader

Global Markets Association pays strong attention to the different levels of traders on their platform. The broker recognizes that the trading skills of its clients differ in their budget.

Hence it has designed multiple accounts that would suit the needs of every broker under their platform.

It simply means irrespective of your financial resources; you can trade in the financial market with utmost convenience.

In owning an account with Global Markets Association there are procedures intending traders must fulfill. These procedures include:

  1. Registration: Owning an account starts with registration. You can begin by filling in the necessary information on the registration form. Your personal information, such as name, phone number, email, country of residence, etc. is also required.
  2. Select an account choice: The broker offers different account types. You can choose to select any of them based on preferences.
  3. Deposit money in your account: An account can only become active when it is funded.
  4. Verify your account: After opening your account, the last step taken before trading is account verification. As a responsible broker, Global Markets Association makes it imperative for its clients to verify their accounts.

It is done to recognize every account holder and observe regulatory procedures.

Verifying an account involves providing proof of identification, proof of residence, and completing a questionnaire. steps are completed, you can begin trading on the selected account.

Once an account is funded, you can then have access to different financial instruments offered by the broker and trade on them.

Let us now take a look at the different account types offered by Global Markets Association.

Demo Account

Trading is a skill that can be mastered. It would be unwise to start trading in the financial market without having the basic knowledge of trading. Hence the need for a demo account.

Traders can choose the demo account to trade without having to lose money. One unique benefit of this account is that it allows the traders to understand the potential risk that may be experienced in a valid trading situation.

Regardless of your background in the trading business, the demo account can be managed by anyone as it is devoid of any issues.

Islamic Account

While anybody can do trading, the trade mechanism may be slightly different for some people. The Islamic account is designed for people who seek to observe strict compliance with the Islamic Sharia law.

Holders of this account are not liable to pay any fees. The broker recognizes the diversity of its traders and the need for people to follow their religious beliefs and still be able to trade.

Real Account

As the name suggests, the real account is an account where actual trading is done. It differs significantly from the demo account because it is funded with real money, unlike the demo account traded with virtual currency.

The real account is quite simple to manage and can be accessed at any time. The minimum deposit of the account is pegged at $250, with a maximum leverage of 1:500. Spreads are at 0.2, and scalping is allowed.

State of the art Trading Platforms

State of the art Trading Platforms

Meta Trader 4

A trading platform is an environment where trades are executed. It is more like a channel where everything happens. A shabbily designed trading platform makes the trading experience entirely frustrating.

Global Markets Association allows clients to trade assets on the distinguished Meta Trader 4 platform. The Meta Trader 4 software is user-friendly, smooth, and has a wide range of functionalities that are second to none.

It is designed to boost the overall trading experience of the trader. The Meta Trader 4 trading platform has other impressive features which include:

« It can be used to trade a variety of trading instruments such as forex, commodities, indices, CFDs.

« User-friendly interface

« Multi-language option

« Numerous charting options.

« Daily account statements

« Real-time trader account statement

« Well designed analytical tools.

Mobile Application

Trading today is done in real-time. Some traders are always on the move and are constantly monitoring the market to execute the trade.

Global Markets Association provides its clients with the mobile app option to meet the desires of their traders who which to place their trade with their mobile phone. The software is available to clients on both the Android and IoS store.

The MT 4 mobile application has a user-friendly interface that allows clients to trade without any glitches. The MT 4 mobile app enables traders to trade in a host of crypto CFDs pairs offered by the broker.

Web Trader

The Web Trader platform can be accessed via a web browser. The Web Trader software is compatible with any device, be it a smartphone or a PC. An interesting feature of the Web Trader platform is that it offers the same unique features seen on both the

Meta Trader 4 and the mobile application version. The transition from the Meta Trader 4 platform to a MT 4 mobile app reveals some significant changes in the interface. As a result, the trader may need to adjust to the environment of the new trading platform.

For the Web-based version, it is pretty much the same platform regardless of the device. The challenge of being acquainted to a new platform interface is eliminated with the Web-based platform.

One reoccurring feature among the different trading platforms is that the broker is guaranteed a remarkable trading adventure. Regardless of the platform you are trading on, the experience is smooth and satisfactory.

A wide array of trading instruments

The aspirations and desire of traders vary from one trade to another. While some traders may desire to trade in one single financial instrument, others may diversify their portfolios by investing in several other trading assets.

Whichever of the divide you belong, Global Markets Association has got you covered. However, traders should pitch their tent with a broker with several other trading assets on their platform.

The reason for this is not farfetched. A trader who chooses to trade on single trading assets may need to diversify his portfolio to make more profits and minimize risks. So, selecting a broker that has plenty of trading assets to trade on is a wise investment decision.

Global Markets Association offers over 5000 trading assets allowing its clients to trade CFDs across different markets. The following are some of the major financial instruments traded on the broker’s network.

  • Forex: Traders are allowed to trade some of the leading currency pairs in the market.
  • Stocks: You can find the stocks of some of the world’ at leading corporations on the broker’s network.


  • For traders who are motivated by risks, then the indices market should be their favorite terrain.
  • Commodities: Traders can trade in commodities such as wheat, sugar, crude oil, etc. Traders who seek a less volatile market can stick with trading commodities.
  • Cryptocurrency: The financial market has witnessed a buzz since the advent of cryptocurrency. Global Markets Association is not left out of this buzz.

The broker offers its traders a host of cryptocurrencies to invest In such as Bitcoin,

Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc.

Simple and secure methods of payments and withdrawals

The overall trading experience is measured using a variety of indices. One of them is the method of deposit of funds into accounts. Every trader detests a frustrating trading process.

Hence Global Markets Association allows traders to fund their accounts with ease. The broker has also taken efforts to ensure that the payment methods are secured and safe. The broker makes deposits and withdrawals of funds a straightforward process devoid of any complications.

For the convenience of traders, Global Markets Association has chosen safe and secure payment options, including Visa Card, Master Card, and bank transfer.

Traders can also withdraw their funds using the same methods as used while depositing. The broker process withdrawal requests within 24 hours, and claimants are settled as soon as possible.

Secured trading
Secured trading

Responsive Customer service

One of the easiest ways of recognizing a phony broker is the responsiveness of its customer support. A fake broker would certainly avoid being contacted or fail to respond to complaints or queries of clients.

Global Markets Association understands that traders may encounter challenges in the course of trading. Hence, the need to establish a responsive customer service that caters to their clients’ desires in the best possible way.

The broker operates a customer service support that runs for 24 hours daily. Also, their support staff are not only knowledgeable but are also very welcoming. Traders are guided at every step of the way to ensure that the objective of trading is met.

There are several channels of communication open to clients to reach the broker. These channels include a chat box on their website where traders can communicate with the broker in real-time.

Similarly, the broker can also be reached via phone or better still via email. Whichever channel is used, clients are sure to get all the answers they need to have, and complaints resolved in the shortest possible time.

How reliable is Global Markets Association?

For every trading enthusiasts, the question of the reliability of a broker is constant in the minds. After all, is said and done, the reliability of the broker is all that seems to matter.

The answer to this question is simply straightforward. Global Markets Association is very much reliable considering all the variables that have been accessed by this review.

The broker has been successful in maintaining a clean slate so far in the industry. Their transparency and integrity have never been a subject of doubt among traders and investors who patronize the broker. Interestingly, the testimonies of users of the broker have been largely encouraging.

What is the long-term sustainability of Global Markets Association?

The financial market is not short of brokers. The industry continues to see the presence of new entrants to the business of trading. However, the long term sustainability of any broker is crucial before selecting it as your broker.

Trading is not a one-off exercise. Some traders might get carried away with short term gains and fail to consider if the broker can survive in the long term. There are some reasons why a broker may be able to last for a long time.

They could range from poor service delivery to ill motives of the developers. Traders are advised to select brokers with a proven track record in the industry, just like Global Markets Association.

The broker is both tested and trusted and maintains a tremendous track record in offering its clients memorable trading experience at it’s best.

What are my chances of making a profit under the Global Markets Association platform

The objective of every trader is to make profits. Traders desire a broker that can guide them unto the path of profitability in trading. A lot of brokers continue to hoodwink traders with the promise of massive profits.

Many traders have fallen victim to this gimmick used by these brokerage firms. As a trader, you should constantly be on the lookout for brokers who promise mouthwatering returns with little investment.

If you seek a broker who has ensured that its clients enjoy sustaining profitability, then look no further than Global Markets Association.


All-around Global Markets Association is an outstanding broker in the financial market. The broker has an unparalleled track record of delivering a high-quality trading experience for its clients.

The features on its platform are by far the minimum standard in the industry. If you are a trader or seek to start trading, then Global Markets Association should be the first broker to consider. Don’t just take my words; give it a try.


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