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Finexro Review – Trade the Way You Deserve to Trade



Nov 2, 2020
Finexro Broker Summary
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You can trade with this broker no matter where you are in the world. The trading platform from the broker is fast, modern, user-friendly, and available in many different forms. Enjoy huge leverages, take advantage of tight spreads, trade safely, and then you will know what a real trading experience is.

Finexro Review

Finexro ReviewYou don’t really have to look into the best and the great brokers. All you have to focus on is a broker that provides you with the kind of trading experience that you deserve. You see, when you trade, you are the person to put your money on the line. Since you are putting your money on the line and trusting your broker first, the broker should reciprocate and provide you with something that you deserve. Anything that’s not up to par should not be considered as an option by you or any other trader in the world. I have these standards when looking for online brokers.

Now, in addition to this important consideration, I want to help you shorten your time of exploring and researching brokers. I can tell you from my experience that it can take a long time before you finalize your search for the best. To make things easy for you, I have brought to you some information about a broker that I think will meet all your trading requirements with ease. I am talking about Finexro, which is a broker that you might not have heard about. However, I can tell you that this is a broker that definitely needs your attention.

Broker Finexro
Owned By Strongex Ltd.
Products Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto
Trading Tools Index, FX, and Crypto Price Charts, Bitecoin Leverage, Long/Short Trading
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4 and SIRIX
Trade From Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Online
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premium
Trading Available With 200 EUR
Demo Account Yes
Training Private Sessions, Webinars, Seminars
Deposits Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer
Customer Support Phone, Email, Contact Form


All the Important Details about Finexro

·         Trade CFDs

So, I started my review by talking about how you should sign up with a broker that provides you with a trading experience that you deserve. In my opinion, the first thing that you deserve as a trader is peace of mind. Where does peace of mind come from? Does it come from having a lot of money to trade? Not at all! I can tell you that the more money you have, the less peace of mind you will have. In my experience, your peace of mind lies in trading with low risks. Yes, that’s what all the traders in the world are trying to do i.e. lower their risks.

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You have to sign up with a broker that can lower your risks in every possible way. In conventional trading, I don’t think you have any control over your risks. However, you can have a lot of control over your risks and profits when you go with CFD trading. CFD trading allows you to trade in many financial markets without ever pushing you to buy the asset itself. If you don’t know, when you trade CFDs, you are only trading contracts for differences. Yes, that’s what CFD stands for. You don’t own the asset and hence you don’t have to worry about getting rid of it.

In addition to that, a CFD broker can offer you a lot of other facilities that you don’t get from conventional brokers. That’s what I think is best provided to the traders when they sign up with a broker like Finexro. I can tell you that this broker has done a great job of creating a system where you will feel free while trading. At the same time, you will not always be worrying about risks because you will be able to minimize them in many ways.

·         Trade an Expansive Asset Index

If you are a modern trader, the very important thing that you deserve is the freedom to choose the asset that you want to trade. It is a thing of the past when service providers used to control your access to things. Think about the old way of watching TV programs. You could only watch whatever was coming on TV. What if you wanted to skip a particular segment of the program and forward to a different? Well, you could not do anything about it. However, when the internet came, everything changed. You can now watch any video you want. You can choose to watch or not watch something.

In a similar manner, when you talk about modern trading, you should have that choice. You can’t be stuck with a broker that keeps you limited to a particular asset. I can tell you that you will feel different when you sign up with this broker. It allows you to trade every single asset that you want to get access to. You will not find any asset category that’s not available from this broker. From stocks to indices, forex currency pairs to cryptocurrencies, and soft commodities to precious metals, you will be trading them all when you sign up with Finexro.

It is amazing how you can access so many different financial markets with the same broker. You can reach all of these assets from the same trading platform and trade them while tracking their progress in the market. This choice is for you as a trader for signing up with a broker that provides you with one of the best online trading services today.

·         Separate Price Charts

It is quite a dilemmatic situation when you sign up with a cryptocurrency broker and find information about forex trading. In a similar way, I have seen many brokers that offer you indices, commodities and stocks for trading. However, when you sign up with them and looking their tools, educational material, and other aspects of trading, you realize that their information is limited to only forex. This has happened to me a lot of times. I think the reason you have such brokers on the internet is that they started out as forex brokers and then added other assets to their index.

However, they completely forgot on the way to update their systems accordingly. However, when I signed up with Finexro, I got a pleasant surprise. This broker offers you everything according to its services. Since it offers you the ability to trade in many financial markets, it does not limit you in your education and information either. When you sign up with this broker, you will notice that the broker will give you access to many different types of charts. These charts are available to you not only for the forex or cryptocurrency markets, but assets and indices as well.

This is the attitude you want from the broker that you are thinking about signing up with. I can tell you that Finexro is doing a great job here and I think you should support it so it can extend its services to other traders from all around the world.

·         Segregated Funds and Encrypted Info

When you sign up with the best brokers on the internet, you always expect them to do something special about your security. I have to remind you here that you are living in the age of connectivity. Everything that has internet is connected not only to you but many other people on the internet. Since the entire world is connected to the internet, almost everyone is connected to everyone. You can’t say that your phone is in your hands and that’s why no one else can access it. What about the hackers who hack into not only yours but also the computers of the biggest organizations of the world?

In that case, it is the job of your service provider to protect everything that it obtains from you. When it comes to online brokers, you will see that these brokers have to obtain your information first. The second thing that they need from you is the money that you will be depositing in your account. Is the broker doing something about that information? Well, if the broker is not doing anything, you have to do something and quite the idea of signing up with it. You should only sign up with a broker that promises to protect not only your money but information as well.

The information that you provide on the website can be protected with the help of encryption. All the best brokers on the internet have encryption protocols to ensure that the information of their traders is safe with them. Encryption ensures that all your information gets turned into a code that no one in the world can understand. This way, your information can travel on the internet lines without being stolen. At the same time, you will be providing your broker with money so you can trade on the trading platform.

In that case, you have to make sure that the broker you sign up with has some measures in place to protect your money. With this broker, you will be glad that the broker has proper measures in place to ensure that every penny that you deposit is protected properly. Right on the accounts page of the broker you can see that it protects your money through segregated funds. Every legitimate broker on the internet protects your money this way.

·         Trading Platforms for All Types of Traders

Finexro trading platformsI don’t want to say that this is the only broker that provides you with access to multiple trading platforms. However, I can tell you that there are not many brokers that do this. In most cases, you have a broker providing you with only one trading platform. This trading platform is there for you to use for all types of trading instruments. If your broker provides you with CFD trading, you are usually able to trade indices, stocks, commodities, forex currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies on the same trading platform. However, you might not always like the trading experience on the trading platform that your broker has provided you with.

What can do you do in that case? Will you switch the broker only because you have to use a different trading platform? What if you like the overall trading experience but not the trading platform? Well, in that case, you will have to switch the broker. However, when you are signed up with Finexro, you will see things differently. This broker has made sure that you get multiple trading platforms so you can trade the way you deserve to trade. First, I have to tell you that you are getting access to the best trading platform of the world. This trading platform is none other than MetaTrader 4.

With this trading platform, you can trade fast, and you will get access to all the trading assets that you see on the asset index of the broker. This trading platform is one of the easiest to use for traders, no matter how new they are to trading. But that’s not it. As I said, this broker is all about providing you with a trading experience that you deserve. So, regardless of how great MetaTrader 4 is, you should not be limited to this trading platform. You might like different dynamics while trading and that’s where Finexro steps into save the day.

This broker provides you with SIRIX trading platform as well. Now, you are in a position to trade the way you want without compromising on your trading experience.

You are not limited to just the trading platform you are getting. I have to tell you here that you can use these trading platforms on all your devices. Whether you want to trade on your mobile phone or computer or tablet, you will download the trading platform and use it with ease. If you don’t like downloading the software, you don’t have to. You can just use the web trader version of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and trade from anywhere in the world without compromising on the smoothness of trading. The orders that you enter on the trading platform are executed within a fraction of a second.

·         Spreads and Leverages

Did you wonder why I said that CFD trading is better than conventional trading? Well, now is the time to get into the most important aspect of CFD trading that makes it much better and more different than conventional trading. So, when you trade conventional assets in the most traditional way, you can’t really use leverages. However, you get some huge and admirable leverages when you trade CFDs. The leverage you get on your trade can vary from broker to broker. In other words, the size of the leverage you get from the broker tells you a lot about it.

If you have signed up with the best broker, you will get some significant leverages on your trades. If you use this tool the right way, you can make a lot of money on every trade that you complete successfully. With this broker, you have options on leverages. You are not stuck with only a particular level of leverages. If you go with any of the accounts from the broker, you can get leverages of 1:30 on your trades. If that does not sound big to you, I ask you to go with the professional trading account. With this type of account, your leverages can go as high as 1:200. That’s what makes this broker so special. It provides options that are suited to different types of traders.

So, you have to know at this point that the highest level of leverage that’s possible when you sign up with Finexro is 1:200. At the same time, you will be impressed with the spreads that this broker is offering you. That’s a point I always like to talk about when I talk to other people about online trading. It hurts me to see that so many new traders are completely oblivious to the importance of spreads when they are trading online. It does not matter how long you have been trading for, spreads matter a lot and you should know about them.

Spread tells you the amount of money that your broker will take away when you trade. This is the way the broker you sign up with makes money, so you can’t really say that the broker is being unfair to you. However, you can call the broker unfair when it goes with extremely loose spreads. Loose spreads mean that you will be paying a lot of money to the broker every time you trade. A huge chunk of the money that you make as a profit will go away in the form of spreads. So, you have to look for a broker that offers you some really tight spreads. How about trading with a broker whose spreads start from 0.1 pips?

That’s something you are going to love when you sign up with a broker like Finexro. This broker has made sure that you increase your profits not only by taking advantage of leverages but by also reducing the amount of money that you lose in the form of spreads.

·         Training You Deserve

Finexro trading education and trainingI am utterly disappointed by the level of education that so many brokers have maintained over the course of years for their traders. If you look into their training materials, you will feel as though you are living in the 90s. At the same time, the training material they offer you will not let you go further than basic training. All the training material revolves around some basic introduction and strategies. If you want to trade with advanced strategies, you have nowhere to go. If you use other internet resources, you will have to spend more money. That’s something you should not afford.

However, I took a sigh of relief when I looked into the training material from this broker. First of all, I will tell you the same old story that this broker has arranged not only for ebooks but also videos for training you. Now, let me get to the important part. When you sign up with this broker with the right account, you are able to be a part of online webinars. You can also attend the many seminars that the broker is a part of for the training of its traders. Furthermore, you can learn through personal trading sessions as well. I am glad that this broker thought about every trader while designing this particular feature.

I have noticed that a lot of online brokers offer this feature to only their most expensive traders. However, the broker has arranged for a single one-on-one training session with a professional for you even if you go with the most basic account. Also, you can learn through a demo account, which the broker will give you access to when you sign up with it.

·         The Trading Accounts

Last but not least, we have to talk about the five different trading accounts from this broker. These trading accounts require you to deposit different initial deposits to activate them. However, you can activate the most basic account with just 5,000 EUR. Don’t be under the impression that you can’t trade if you don’t deposit that amount in your account. The broker has clearly mentioned on the website that you can trade like a regular trader when you deposit only 200 EUR in your account. That’s a great invitation for new traders to start their trading careers.

Another thing that I have to admire here is that every trader will get a relationship manager no matter which account they sign up with. You will get premium trading signals as well, even if you are signed up with a basic account. With the basic accounts, your trading signals last for a trial period only. However, they give you a clear idea why you need them while trading.

Final Thoughts

I think Finexro has got a great online trading platform for traders who want to trade CFDs. You are not bound by any boundaries. You can trade with this broker no matter where you are in the world. The trading platform from the broker is fast, modern, user-friendly, and available in many different forms. Enjoy huge leverages, take advantage of tight spreads, trade safely, and then you will know what a real trading experience is. Of course, you can always know the level of trading experience with the broker by using the demo account feature. It is a good thing that this broker offers you a demo account for testing its services out.  


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