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BitOpps Review – Top Reasons To Choose This Broker

Christian Klausen

ByChristian Klausen

Mar 3, 2021
BitOpps Broker Summary
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Here at The Next Bitcoin you can learn about many trading platforms, one of them is BitOpps, we have concluded that BitOpps is a good trading platform, it is NOT a scam! Read our BitOpps review today and learn all you need to know about the BitOpps trading platform and why we recommend it for all traders.

BitOpps Review

BitOpps logoThe online trading world is complex prefer the unsolved mysteries of the world. But there is a solution that everyone needs to find his own story in the trading industry. However, it is 100% true that one cannot succeed without external help. The external help may be in the form of financial advice from those who have spent years in the trading world. One thing is necessary that every trader needs a platform for the trading of assets, and that platform should be reliable and trusted. The trusted platforms, such as BitOpps, take traders to new highs and help them getting luxurious things in life. Are you ready to read about one of the best brokers out there? Yes, it is BitOpps. In the BitOpps review, I will write the pros and cons of the broker.

Intro of BitOpps

BitOpps does not need an introduction as it has marked its name in the top-performing cryptocurrency brokers of the planet. The popularity of the company is due to its sincerity in the crypto space. It has played an important role in crypto adoption by empowering hundreds of people about crypto assets. Moreover, it helped in shaping the youth as the top entrepreneurs of the world by teaching them modern-day financial rules. These rules are going to govern the world in the coming years.

The site’s overall theme is charming enough to catch the attention of newcomers towards its top-notch functionalities. Unlike other trading platforms, it does not extend its reach to a bunch of crypto assets. Instead, it covers all profitable instruments that exist in the market. In this brief introduction, I cannot recall all its features and characteristics. So, I am going to discuss each of the features one by one.

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Trading Accounts

Brokers of the current age prefer to add three to four trading accounts in their operations so that people of different classes select an account based on their needs and investment limitations. The only difference between BitOpps and its competitors is that it offers more features with trading accounts than others. There is a long list of functionalities that are given with these accounts. These trading accounts include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black accounts. Each account has its own specialties and deals with traders in a different way. For instance, the basic investment plan unlocks with a minimum amount of 1,000 while the platinum account only opens with at least 100,000. The difference lies not only in the funding limit, but they are also having differences when we talk about their characteristics.

BitOpps website

Basic Account

It would serve best to those who are starting their trading careers from scratches as it is a basic account. Due to its low amount, people would feel sorrow if they lose money while experimenting with crypto assets trading. Besides its feasibility for beginners, it also offers two additional services: live support and an educational center. The live support solves the problems on the spot if the accounts holders are having some issues with the site. The educational center really helps those who are striving to build their professional career in the trading universe.

Bronze Account

The bronze account comes at the second number when we go from bottom to top in terms of features and functionalities. In addition to the educational center and live support, the Bronze account owners would also enjoy the benefits of basic level price alerts that help determine the current market situation. For account opening, people must have at least 10,000 in their bank accounts.

Silver Account

The silver account comes with a lot of advantages, which you will not find in Basic and Bronze. First, take the daily market review benefits that will tell about the daily events and their consequences on the market. With one on one trading sessions with the world’s top financial experts, traders would learn faster and would retain knowledge in a better way. The option of custom analytics will let you know about the technicalities of the markets, thus maximizing the earning potential of traders.

Gold Account

The gold account will be yours if you have 50,000 for funding. Soon after submitting the money as funding, you can start taking advantage of the features offered with the Gold account. Traders have access to pro-level price alerts, which proves very useful at the time of trades execution. The range of markets is expanded to greater levels so that users’ reach will expand as much as possible. Muslims avoid western-based financial mechanisms and prefer those that comply with their religion. This account type is also dealing successfully with those customers by providing an option of Islamic Account Option.

Platinum Account

The platinum account is more premium than basic, bronze, silver, and gold in terms of features and functionalities. It provides VIP services for price alerts, account management, custom analytics, range of markets, personalized trading strategy, one-to-one trading sessions, and exclusive position access. The platinum account only opens with an investment of 100,000.

Black Account

As the name shows Black account is the most unique out of all due to its distinctive hallmarks. These attributes include premier events, exclusive position access, one on one trading trainer, Islamic Account Option, personalized trading strategy, range of markets, custom analytics, account manager, price alerts, daily market review, educational center, and live support. As you see, the minimum amount for deposit is not mentioned on the platform, which means that you need to connect with the support team for further detail and information.

How to Start Crypto Trading?

One can now build his future focusing on crypto trading as it has a lot of potential. Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has been employed by many real-based projects in the crypto space. The blockchain technology underneath the Ethereum network has solved many mysteries of the modern world. Therefore, the crypto projects are set to change the future tune with their enormous potential.

In order to catch up with BitOpps is a super easy task. In the first phase, it is important to register an account with the website. At the time of the signup procedure, users need to write their full name and other basic information needed for verification. The creation of a complex password on the part of users is necessary because it is an additional measure of security that lets you save your account from hacking attempts.

In the second phase, you need to submit funds in the wallet section of the sites. A lot of payment methods, including wire transfer, credit card, debit card, are listed on the site for funds deposit. The amount of deposit payment is dependent on the account you have selected for crypto trading. Various account types have different limitations for funding. For example, if you want to go with the Gold account, you need to add funds of at least 50,000 via available payment methods.

Once the deposit amount procedure completes successfully, the next thing is to trade crypto assets. As I have told you, the broker has presented its users with a golden opportunity to trade an unlimited number of crypto assets. During the trading process, the firm’s efficient account management team helps investors create a profitable versatile portfolio comprising a variety of crypto assets, including Bitcoin.

BitOpps crypto trading

Educational and Learning Center

The Educational and learning section of BitOpps teaches people how to make money from trading successfully. If you learn all techniques and strategies given in the educational center, you will become a professional trader for earning thousands of dollars on digital assets trading. Brief information is also given about each asset that will help you in trading those instruments. Strategies make trading more beneficial and successful, which in turn help fill the bank accounts with money.

In every sphere of life, education in a real sense is crucial because it increases the potential of that work to the manifold. For instance, a trader is earning $1,000 a month, but he can easily make up to $2,000 a month with the right education. Thus, education equips beginners with a lot of knowledge and awareness of the crypto markets as crypto markets are different from the traditional markets. Many companies in the crypto space are working to empower entrepreneurs with crypto knowledge. Crypto-inspired people have done a lot in introducing the benefits of crypto assets to the world. At this time, more than half of the world knows about the crypto terms, such as Bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency.

Investing in Cryptocurrency

According to most financial experts, investing in cryptocurrency is the best investment of the decade as crypto space is going to explode in the coming years. The more you invest in crypto assets, the more you are going to claim a return on investment. Some unique digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have performed exceptionally in the past few months, thanks to crypto companies that play an important role in introducing Bitcoin to the mainstream.

Bitcoin is famous in the ranks of investors because it has provided returns more than any other asset in the whole traditional finance world. Recently, it topped $58,000, the all-time high value, and would have a spirit to claim new positions. It first got fame back in 2017 when the leading cryptocurrency reached $20,000 at retail traders’ expense. But this time, the entry of institutional investors pushed the price value of the flagship digital currency to above $55,000. As per the market strategists’ latest price speculations, the price would make its path to as high as $100,000 by the end of the year. In order to join the fast-running crypto venture, you need to invest some money in the top digital asset before it becomes too late. The global crypto market already has crossed the figure of $1 trillion. Many crypto supporters believe the top digital asset would claim the gold market cap.

Other than Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies, also known as altcoins, have also expressed an enormous growth following the high-flying cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and many other coins. Once you become aware of the things, you could easily comprehend them. It is the sole purpose of BitOpps to make people aware of cryptocurrencies’ high potential, thanks to its experienced staff members.

The crypto community knows a lot of people who become rich by investing in digital assets. They purchased assets when they were trading low. There are many assets now which are trading at the lowest positions, but they are poised to increase in the future. Bitcoin is also included in those cryptocurrencies which are expected to surge in the future. So, it’s your turn to dive into the crypto space with the help of BitOpps.

Traders will find hundreds of trading pairs against the top two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, here you will find the lowest rates for buying crypto-assets and highest rates for selling digital assets.

Low Fees of BitOpps

Let’s compare BitOpps with its competitors by keeping in mind the factor of the fee; you will come to know that BitOpps is the only broker in the market that charges low fees. The competitive fee sheet attracts traders and investors all over the world. However, the fee schedule is not printed on the site. You will only come to know about the fee details when you create an account with the site. The service fees on the trading of cryptocurrencies are also minimum that lets low-income people trade more and earn more. Availability of low fees is the best opportunity for people to take benefits of the crypto trading space. Traders will have to pay less as fees on trading and will be able to save money. After creating an account and selecting a particular investment plan, you can ask for the fee information from the company’s support team.

Daily News

News plays an important role when a trader decides to invest in a cryptocurrency. Most of you are already aware of the fundamental analysis, which is basically based on the events and happenings occurring in the crypto space. So, if you want to do fundamental analysis, you must need a daily dose of important news. For instance, Bitcoin price was hovering around $42,000, then the largest carmaker, Tesla, purchased BTC worth $1.5 billion, and the price went as high as $58,000, the all-time high. It is just one example as most coins’ price values react to the important news that plays with people’s sentiments.

Legal Nature of BitOpps

BitOpps works within the sphere of legal principles to ensure that newcomers are landing on the most trusted crypto broker. It has fully complied with the regulatory authority that ensures a transparent relationship between BitOpps and its user base. Until now, not a single user has raised doubts about the broker’s legal nature as users’ feedback is positive in terms of the company’s legal atmosphere. At the end of the first page of the site, you will find the regulatory authority’s name that regulates the broker. The major benefit of company compliance is that if a user loses money, he can contact the regulatory entity and demand his lost money.

A special section is created at the end of the homepage that comprised legal information about withdrawals, KYC Policy, AML Policy, Cancellation Policy, Return Refund Policy, Deposits, and several other things.

KYC and AML policies are implemented in a true sense because these guidelines prevent users from engaging in illicit activities. Anti-money laundering policy helps companies stop money laundering cases as it is one of the current world’s major issues.

Safety of Funds

The funds are secured in the protection of advanced security walls that are unable to be overcome by hackers. Exceptional funds security protocol is another major thing that attracts traders. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is embedded in the software of the broker that outlines the website according to the advanced techniques.

Support Desk

The support desk of BitOpps remains active 24/6 in order to give support services to users on an emergency basis. Highly professional people sit at the BitOpps’s support desk. At the end of the site, you will see a special section entitled “Contact Us.” In this section, you will write your name, email, and the message that you want to send to the customer support team. If you want to ask them for any information or help, contact them in business days. Don’t be late. Add funds and start trading cryptocurrencies with BitOpps.

Bring a Friend

Along with the trading opportunities, it provides an additional feature of refer facility. As per the referring policy, if a user invites his relatives or friends, he will receive a commission on it. Invite friends and relatives and earn money, an additional method of getting revenue.


BitOpps serves both newcomers as well as professional traders as it meets the demands of both categories. There are a total of six different account types, and each one of them has special kinds of features. Its distinctive features include safety of funds, privacy protection, functional customer support, a well-established trading platform, and a user-friendly interface.


Christian Klausen

Christian Klausen

Christian Klausen is a talented news writer renowned for his compelling storytelling and comprehensive research. With a sharp eye for detail, his articles offer readers a thought-provoking and well-informed perspective on a wide range of current topics.

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